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 Sylvie Peyneau portrait

Sylvie Peyneau

“I paint what I breathe… ”

Sylvie Peyneau, who grew up in contact with nature in a village between Bordeaux and the sea, knew how to probe the soul of what surrounds her, to approach it as closely as possible to better reveal their vitality, to move away from it. enough to paint their singularity, their poetry. It is with this just distance, through a subtle balance between figuration and abstraction, that she infuses her painting with the enthusiasm, energy and freedom that make them so powerful. The approach she pursues more particularly on the theme of gardens is a fertile ground for observations and sensations, a metaphor. This nature, which fascinates her, occupies a very special place in her everyday life, through the symbol of passing time, the rhythm of cycles. A Wild Herbarium comes to illustrate an outcome, advocates the beauty of the path traveled, too often set aside for the freshness of young flowers. The Silent Gardens, pebbles under the snow that invite meditation, are an allegory of memory, the white that covers everything, the rocks that stand out and trace a path, a quest. It is not only an aesthetic research, but a work on life through the play of symbols, his secret garden that the artist reveals to us. Sometimes intimate, sometimes monumental, her painting represents for her a risk, a path, an adventure and translates the concrete form of a free, intuitive and curious expression, no longer seeking to achieve a goal but to constantly explore new territories. . Returns from travels, especially those of the African continent which has been crisscrossing for decades, between the initiatory journey, then with the aim of listing materials, textures, architectures, plantations. These indirect traces of the man, whom she then invites to the workshop, sometimes through the imagination…