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Worldwide shipping, including insurance and customs management
Worldwide shipping, including insurance and customs management

OAK Bespoke – General Terms of Sale

01.01.2020 – Applicable on sales of OAK Bespoke furniture and accessories

Contract documents

The Buyer acknowledges, in validating the order, that he has recognized the general terms of sale that apply exclusively to all orders placed with the Seller. The act of validating an order implies the buyer’s full and unqualified acceptance of these general terms of sale. Any other condition that does not comply with these terms and conditions of sale will be rejected unless we have agreed to these conditions under a formal written agreement. No claim will be made to the Seller after the order has been validated.


The validity of the quotes is one month from the time it is received. After this period, the proposal will be considered null and fore. The prices mentioned are net prices in euros, excluding taxes. If the sale takes place in the European Union, the Buyer will provide his ID and intra-eu VAT number. Goods are charged on the basis of the rates in effect on the day of delivery. The Buyer accepts the assumption of all customs fees or surcharges required in the Buyer’s country.

The removal of the coins must be carried out within 1 month after requesting payment of the balance. After this period, the Seller will charge a custodly fee of up to 25 euros tax-free per day until the goods are finally removed. After a maximum of 3 months, the Seller reserves the right to refer any competent court so that the customer is ordered to withdraw the goods under duress in addition to his conviction to pay the custodly fees.

Special dimensions, features and colours: Consult us.

Transportation costs

Delivery outside of metropolitan France and overseas territories: special reinforced packaging is included in the price.

The Buyer must arrange the removal and transport between the OAK Bespoke warehouse in France and the final country of delivery.

The Buyer will need to take out insurance to cover the risks that may occur during transport and after receiving the goods.

Regardless of the mode of transport or the way in which the price of transport is settled, the goods travel at the buyer’s peril.

The carrier’s assumption of our goods transfers full responsibility for the products to the carrier. The warranties of non-responsibility required by the carrier do not make the seller responsible for the damage that occurred along the way.

Payment terms

All payments will be made by a proforma invoice. 50% of the total will be paid to validate the order and 50% will be paid before the goods leave the OAK Bespoke warehouse. The goods cannot be removed before full payment of the sums due. Any cancellation of the order after the payment of the deposit will not result in a refund. All payments are net, no discounts, discounts or fees from banks will be accepted.

Payment by transfer to THE OAK Bespoke account in France in Euros with the following references:

Bank Name: LCL
Swift / BIC code: CRLYFRPP
IBAN: FR32 3000 2018 6800 0011 7313 J12
Account number: 0000117313J

The goods remain our property until the full payment of the price (main and interest), under Section L621-122 of the Code of Commerce.

If the buyer breaks the contract before the goods are removed, all the sums under the order will be due.

OAK Bespoke reserves the right to negotiate specific payment terms with certain customers depending on their behaviour or the amount of the order.

Payment default

Invoices must be paid within 30 days of receipt. Beyond this period, the sums will be increased by the european Central Bank’s late interest plus 10%.

Delivery times

10 to 14 weeks to receive the order confirmation and payment of the deposit.

Delivery times are given as an indication; any delays may not entitle the Buyer to cancel the sale, refuse the merchandise or claim damages. OAK Bespoke cannot be held liable in any case in the event of a fortuitous event, de facto of the prince, force majeure and more generally if our company is prevented from carrying out its obligations as a result of the occurrence of an event beyond its control: weather events, fire, flood, partial strikes or event causing the total or partial loss of production.

Change clause

Unless the Seller agrees, no project changes will be accepted after the order has been validated.

Ownership of the goods

OAK Bespoke retains ownership of goods sold or delivered until full payment has been made. However, the customer will bear all the risks associated with the temporary storage of the goods once it is ready to be shipped.

Manufacturing and color compliance

We do our best to provide the closest possible color compliance; however, we do not guarantee absolute compliance. We will not accept a claim for color variation. We give the sizes exposed on the tariff as an indication, they can vary up or down by a maximum value of 2%.

Solid wood, stones and leather are natural, living products. They are likely to skate over time.

OAK Bespoke is free to change the characteristics of the parts if we think it improves the quality or aesthetics of the items.

OAK Bespoke accepts responsibility for excessive heat or humidity.

Buyer’s Guarantee

OAK Bespoke is committed to making pre-packaging goods available to the buyer in their warehouses before they leave. In any case, OAK Bespoke will provide the buyer with a series of snapshots of the goods allowing them to validate the shipment before shipping.

Before use, the Buyer will carefully examine the items (quantity, size, reference, color). No claim will be accepted after use.

Return of goods

No return will be accepted without written permission from our company.

Intellectual property

Unauthorized use of oak Bespoke logos, brands, models and image in general will continue.

The Buyer recognizes that products purchased from OAK Bespoke are subject to the intellectual property rights specific to the filing of the model. As a result, Buyers will not copy or reproduce models without the express approval and written permission of OAK Bespoke. Copying and reproducing articles and templates will continue.

This protection is understood for the project as a whole as well as for each of the components (elements, materials, patterns and finishes).


OAK Bespoke undertakes not to disclose any information about the clients of the various projects entrusted to it.


The Bordeaux Commercial Court will be the sole competent notwithstanding any contrary clauses provided on the purchaser’s purchase order or correspondence, regardless of the place of delivery, the method of payment accepted and even in the case of a guarantee or a defendant’s plurality. The applicable law is French law.