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Jonathan Soulié

Jonathan Soulié is a brass maker, a demanding specialty within the arts and crafts professions where the artist interprets the beauty of the world and works to transform craftsmanship through design and innovation without ever losing its primary meaning: “the work of the hand” .
Jonathan perpetuates 4000-year-old gestures, which he is one of the few still to use. Indeed, some of his works are produced without any contemporary assembly technique, assembled in a single piece of metal using the power of the wrist. This process allows him to give life to his works and to “transmit a soul” to them.

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“The essence of my work is to transmit to matter, energies and vibrations to highlight the ‘light’. I am not looking for perfection, but rather for balance. The balance between the codes of an object imagined by man and the subtle and organic elegance of Nature. The source of my inspiration is halfway between the infinitely large and the infinitely small and goes through astronomy, physics or biology. I create through the principles of biomimicry, egg shape, vortex, and the golden ratio (Fibonacci sequence).”
Jonathan Soulié.

2020: Winner of the Ateliers d’Art de France competition, Occitanie region – creation category
2020: Winner of the Departmental Art Crafts competition – Creation award organized by the Tarn department
2020: Selection of 2 works during the Émergences biennial, as part of the “Resources” exhibition Center National de la Danse (PARIS – PANTIN)
2019: Selection of 2 works exhibited on 5th avenue in New York as part of a promotion of “South of France unique art crafts”
2019: Selection of one work exhibited during the Biennale Révélations (Grand Palais – Paris)
2016 – 2018: Training in art brasswork – Olivier Courtot MOF and Compagnon du Devoir – Jean Jacques Bonnafous (Durfort Copper)