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Dora Stanczel

French artist, Dora Stanczel after obtaining a master’s degree in arts and science and following numerous training courses with best porcelain artists in Europe, she opened her own ceramic workshop in 2015 in La Rochelle. Since then she has developed an aesthetic language following long experiments with porcelain. Its refined and luxurious porcelain pieces combine exceptional craftsmanship and unique sophistication.

Behind the curves or golden ripples, images of the ocean and waves appear. The aquatic landscape is a constant inspiration for Dora who sails every week on the ocean in La Rochelle. Seeing the curves and waves or facing the winter wind gives a feeling of humility and understanding of nature. Porcelain is as difficult to master as sailing the ocean where you always have to be prepared for the unexpected. This attitude leads the artist to imagine working with porcelain as an ode to collaboration with the accidental and the acceptance of pushing one’s limits.

“My pieces are the fruit of long experiments where technical processes are diverted. I obtain the harmony of forms by constantly seeking the limit of the material. I tear, I fold, I deform, I glue, I drop the porcelain “a specific way that reveals the fragility and strength of matter. I reuse, I reintegrate and I push the process to the extreme.”