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 Portrait Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce

Gaetano Pesce was an Italian architect who, in the early 1960s, rebelled against the industrial perfection of modernism by designing new furniture and objects whose form was both expressive and eccentric, more artistic than functional. Born in 1939 in La Spezia, Gaetano Pesce studied architecture in Venice to then explore innovative materials and technologies to create unique objects and buildings, never imagined before in order to differentiate themselves from mass production and that each work made can be distinct. The Italian designer gives imperfection a new aesthetic value. If until now, the craftsman has been required to execute a model as close as possible to the design given by the creator, Gaetano Pesce takes the opposite view of this position. The craftsman appropriates the designer’s creation by interpreting it, just as the user appropriates a unique piece by choosing it from among others of the same model. In 1975, then in 2002 the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris devoted two major exhibitions to Gaetano Pesce in collaboration with the Center Beaubourg.