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Antoine Vignault

Since his beginnings in 2000, Antoine Vignault imagines, designs and produces wonderful unique pieces or limited series, for his privileged customers and the great decorators around the world. These pieces tell the story of mankind in their own way with its formidable hopes and its extraordinary symbolism that has spanned the ages since the dawn of time. This subtle philosophy is aimed above all at open, curious and optimistic minds: “One of A Kind” …

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Antoine VIGNAULT now offers his collection of exceptional furniture, produced in limited and numbered series. This collection explores a universe steeped in ancient myths and legends, sacred geometry and fascinating materials. Soft skin with pure pigments is combined with refined wood essences and gold sparkles, evoking a mystical setting. Working like an orchestra conductor with his exceptional craftsmen (cabinetmaking, leather sheathing, art bronzes, fine locksmiths, ceramics …), Antoine Vignault, Designer for OΔK makes a point of honor to study each piece in its smallest details. The Art workshops selected by his studio master extraordinary know-how: complex assemblies, sculpture, sophisticated patinas, special fittings, marquetry of precious wood, straw or hard stones, fine saddle-stitched leather … Rare skills, appreciated by the most demanding customers and collectors.

Personal exhibitions (selection) UNIVERSE, Galerie Patrick Fourtin, Paris France, 2015 FRENCH DESIGN TRAIL, Galerie Quindry & Luxury Made Fair, London UK, 2016 COLLECTIBLE, Galerie OΔK, Brussels Belgium, 2018 & 2019 PAD, Karen Swami & Maelström, Paris, France 2019 THE HEAD IN THE CLOUDS, Galerie OΔK, Toulouse, France, 2019 PARENTHESE ENCHANTEE, Galerie OΔK, Toulouse, France, 2020