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Modular bookcase in twisted steel, brass and birch from Finland. Surrounded by craftsmen, Antoine Vignault imagines and designs exceptional furniture, imbued with ancient myths and legends, sacred geometry and fascinating materials.

Length : 78.74 in / 200 cm

Height : 98.43 in / 250 cm

Width : 12.6 in / 32 cm

Weigth : 286.6 lb / 130 kg

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    Categories: Artist’s furniture, Library

    Designer: Antoine Vignault

    Materials: Twisted steel, brass, Finnish birch multiplies

    Conception: Modular bookcase consisting of twisted flat steel studs (tendrils) according to a 14 cm helical pitch mounted on 4 steel sleeves, black patinated and waxed. Each adjustment plate (planetary) moves by rotating along the tendril thanks to two brass pebbles according to a vertical rhythm of 7 cm per half revolution. A hexagonal screw clamping system makes it possible to lock the position of each shelf on the planetary ones. The wall rail, made of machined brass, has oblong openings to slide and adjust the tenon supporting the back of each shelving. The shelving is made of multiplies of finnish birch varnish gloss black. This technical multilplis with denser blades has twice the rigidity of conventional plywood of the same thickness. Once locked, the racks contribute to the rigidity of the whole.

    Dimensions : W. 200 cm x D. 32 x H. 250 cm (4 studs, 15 racks)

    Edition: Unique piece

    Guarantee: Signed and issued with certificate of authenticity

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    Antoine VIGNAULT, Alchemist and Designer, imagines, designs and produces wonderful unique pieces or limited series, for his privileged clients, decorators and art galleries. These pieces tell the story of mankind in their own way with its formidable hopes and its extraordinary symbolism that has spanned the ages since the dawn of time. This subtle philosophy is aimed above all at open, curious and optimistic minds: “One of A Kind” …

    Antoine VIGNAULT now offers his collection of exceptional furniture, produced in limited and numbered series. This collection called Constellation explores a universe imbued with ancient myths and legends, sacred geometry and fascinating materials. Supple skins with pure pigments combine with refined wood essences and gold sparkles … The evocation of a mystical setting.