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OΔK Oneofakind Art and Design Gallery offers a selection of exclusive and original works and permanent exhibitions in its aesthete apartment in Toulouse.

From March 16 to May 16, 2022, Galerie OΔK / ONEOFAKIND presents the exhibition FIAT LUX.

For the first time in Toulouse, the OΔK gallery welcomes the designer of furniture and lighting Nicolas Aubagnac and Ferrante Ferranti, travel photographer and author of many books on the forgotten wonders of Italy. Two aesthetes passionate about Sacred Art, light and architecture whose work has already been rewarded many times. This exhibition around light also gives us the opportunity to rediscover the wonderful ceramics of
Pierre Casenove
whose fire reveals rare enamels and sensual forms.

Nicolas Aubagnac will be present in Toulouse on Wednesday, March 16 for the vernissage, Ferrante Ferranti will be at the gallery on Thursday, April 21. Do not hesitate to confirm your presence by return email if you wish to attend one of these exceptional meetings.

OΔK Toulouse gallery welcomes you by appointment only at 8 Allée Frédéric Mistral.

Visit by appointment exclusively from Monday to Saturday from 14.00 to 19.00h


Ferrante Ferranti


“I construct each image with the awareness of the photographic act, but I cannot write with light without shadow. It is the ink of the visions that punctuate the wanderings guided by the sun. It is she who sculpts the spaces of the medinas and palm groves, the courtyards of mosques and the reflections of the canals. It is always the shadow that cuts, at the equinox or solstice, the rays carved in the stone of the temple of Abu Simbel or loaded with incense in the abbey of Ganagobie. And draws the flames of the candles that vibrate in the Sevillian naves inhabited during Holy Week. The images to which I remain attached are the most “mysterious”. They aim to underline, in our era where the virtual reigns, the border between the possible and the artifice, the visible and the invisible.”

Gallery ONEOFAKIND Toulouse, FIAT LUX from March 16 to May 16, 2022


NICOLAS AUBAGNAC, Designer of furniture and lighting

Graduated from Ensaama in interior architecture in 1993, Nicolas Aubagnac has always had a taste for independence. It is therefore natural that he created his agency in 1997 and first became known for his lighting creations. The PAD opened its doors in 2002, giving it a more international audience. Since then, his creations, still entirely made in France, can be found in the most beautiful interiors in the four corners of the globe. In addition to his creative activity, Nicolas Aubagnac also signs very beautiful interior architecture projects for a cosmopolitan and demanding clientele.

Gallery ONEOFAKIND Toulouse, FIAT LUX from March 16 to May 16, 2022

ONEOFAKIND is an online gallery that brings together Art and Design through a selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, furniture and rare objects made by contemporary artists. These works of art are inspired by the stories, myths and legends that are the common foundation of civilizations, letting their symbols emerge since the dawn of time. Antoine Vignault,gallery owner and designer, exhibits this unique selection in his apartment-gallery in Toulouse and his ephemeral art gallery in Bordeaux. The decoration of the place evolves according to its discoveries and the favorites of its customers. Art and design exhibitions follow one another throughout the seasons in these two inspiring landmarks for architects, decorators and collectors of vintage and contemporary art and furniture.