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A unique experience, Villa Capeyron Blanc.

Is there no better way to appreciate a collection of artworks when it resonates in harmony with the spirit of the places it occupies?
OΔK gallery explore the dialogue between Arts and Architecture through staging in collector’s apartments. The perspectives and lights of a room can sublimate the dramatic intensity of a piece of art, everything is a question of eye and proportions. Today and until October 18, Antoine Vignault invites his artists and friends Gabriela Sismann, Nicolas Aubagnac and Ferrante Ferranti to invest the amazing Villa Capeyron Blanc. Moored a stone’s throw from the city of Bordeaux, this immaculate Art Deco cruise ship is an architectural marvel of perfect proportions. Its musical architecture and ability to play permanently with sunlight reveals an ideal setting for Nicolas Aubagnac’s collections of furniture, lighting and carpets. The link with Ferrante Ferranti’s photographs is obvious. His love for architecture and his quest for the traces of the Sacred, without forgetting his innate ability to fix the magical moment when the light reveals the beauty of the world to the layman, have made Ferrante the essential artist to dress the walls of the Villa. All that remained was to invite Gabriela Sismann, our guardian of the temple, and her wonderful jewels steeped in history. With grace and delicacy she gives a second life to her treasures of the past while keeping their soul intact.
A unique experience by appointment in a historic place open for the first time to the public.



Extensions until October 18, every day from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:30 pm by appointment only

Information: (or by phone at 06 58 56 86 19