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Contemporary hand-knotted soap carpet in China in wool velvet. Based on a drawing by Nicolas Aubagnac, French designer and architect.



    Length : 137.8 in / 350 cm

    Height : 0.39 in / 1 cm

    Width : 181.1 in / 460 cm

    Weigth : 88.18 lb / 40 kg

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    Artist : Nicolas Aubagnac

    Category : Carpets

    Editor: Parsua

    Inspiration: The Celeste carpet is inspired by the huge soap carpets that made the reputation of the Gobelins factory under Louis XIV.
    Composed according to the same codes and techniques (hand-knotted stitch), it borrows its stylized motifs from the parterres of the gardens called “à la française”. The deliberate choice of black, white and subtle grays affirms Celeste in its full contemporaneity.

    Materials: Wool velvet chain and weft

    Manufacture: Entirely hand-knotted in China (90,000 knots per m2).

    A Savonnerie carpet is woven on a vertical loom and requires the sequence of many delicate operations. The halter works on the place, against the light, so as to see the cardboard and the work. The full-size template is placed on top of it. A preliminary technical writing of the model allows him to transfer it on a transparent paper. This note-taking is transcribed in ink on the warp threads. These traces will serve as landmarks for weaving. The succession of stitches tied to the wool brooch gradually builds the woven image of the carpet. A linen frame is woven horizontally making the carpet even stronger. This technique makes it possible to achieve an extremely tight velvet. It is only once the curls are cut that the velvet appears. Using scissors with curved branches, the soap maker untangles strands of wool and heads the loops before proceeding to mow by leaning on a wooden board. The finish, long and delicate, consists in putting all the strands of colored wool back in their place, using the tip of the scissors, in order to restore the necessary precision to the lines and patterns.

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    Graduated in 1993 from Ensaama in Interior Design, Nicolas Aubagnac has always had a taste for independance. This led him to open his own studio in 1997 and to develop his first lighting collection. From 2002, the Design Fair PAD offered him an international audience. Since then, his creations entirely made in France, can be found in the most prestigious interiors around the globe. In parallel to his furniture and lighting creations, Nicolas Aubagnac also signs interior design projects for an international and “haut de gamme” clientele.