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Bronze tiger sculpture bench covered with patinated palladium leaves. Nourished by animal or anthropomorphic themes, Cécile Ballureau’s creations give the sets a touch of atypical elegance.

Length : 55.91 in / 142 cm

Height : 21.65 in / 55 cm

Width : 20.47 in / 52 cm

Weigth : 330.69 lb / 150 kg

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Category: Artist’s furniture, Sculptures

Artist : Cécile Ballureau

Origin: France

Materials: Gilded bronze with patinated palladium leaf

Manufacture: The model was engraved to scale, in wax and wood, on a metal frame, then adjustments were made to the dimensions of the belly and for the harmony of the openings on the frame. The bronze was cast with lost wax in eight elements, then covered with patinated palladium leaf to accentuate the contrast between the dark backgrounds and the grip of light on the reliefs.

Edition: Unique piece

Authenticity: Signed and issued with its certificate of authenticity

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Cécile Ballureau is a sculptor and furniture designer. Succeeding the stripping of design in industrial series of the Sixties, this autodidact who learned everything from the best design houses where she worked, is one of those who privilege the single piece, the piece of furniture between sculpture and object of everyday comfort. Cécile Ballureau’s creations give the decorations a touch of atypical elegance that could have appeared without them extinct. Their inspiration, nourished by animal themes: bears, insects, fossils… or anthropomorphs reminds us of the fantastic bestiary of Celtic, Egyptian, Scythian furniture or even 18th century French furniture. The refinement of materials such as bronzes, precious slates, turned morocco, silver and gold … resonates harmoniously with history to definitely fit into the great French tradition of artist’s furniture.