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1.900,00 incl.VATVAT on margin included according to article 297-A of the French General Tax Code

Contemporary drawing made with lead mine by Daniel Firman. The famous visual artist took advantage of his period of confinement to express himself on a new series of drawings strongly inspired by the graffiti of the 70s in New York.

Length : 0.79 in / 2 cm

Height : 29.13 in / 74 cm

Width : 22.24 in / 56.5 cm

Weigth : 11.02 lb / 5 kg

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Category: Artwork, Drawing

Artist : Daniel Firman

Medium: Lead mine

Support: Paper 250g

Frame: Natural oak and protective glass

Inspiration: “For this work, I was very inspired by the graffiti invented in the 1970s in New York. Installed in this city for 6 years, I found through this the possibility to write without writing and to draw without drawing. The protocol is quite simple, on my blank sheet, I begin by writing “I refuse to draw today” in total freedom. This sentence, these words, completely reinvented in their calligraphy will become invisible or almost invisible. The writings will invest the space of the sheet is gradually becoming a drawing. The result is a free dialogue between semantics, expression (writing), order (protocol) and disorder (drawing). They are made in great concentration and have no repentance as is a graffiti made at high speed on a subway in Manhattan. I would say that they form in this contradiction to do what I am refusing, a kind of temporal rift, a passage”. Daniel Firman

Edition: Excerpt from a batch of drawings made daily during the months of April and May 2020

Guarantee: Signed and issued with a certificate of authenticity



Daniel Firman is a plastic artist sculptor, he lives and works between France and the United States. He has used his period of confinement to express himself on a new series unpublished whose first attempts began in 2014.