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Neon wall installation

Length : 8.27 in / 21 cm

Height : 3.94 in / 10 cm

Width : 11.42 in / 29 cm

Weigth : 11.02 lb / 5 kg

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    1999 – 2018
    Art installation consisting of a double white neon boom, comes with wiring, transformer and complete installation protocol of the artist.
    Daniel Firman created the first version of “Dimension variables” in 1999 for an exhibition entitled “scattering-gathering”. The artist proposed a reflection on the flexibility that memory or the body maintain with the objective dimension.
    Using the sign of the arrow, a universal symbol for noting a rib, Daniel Firman draws it in A4 format, the standard that is most often used on a daily basis.
    Two arrows, in the shape of a hat, placed like sconces on a wall, come to signify a dimension, that of the wall or that of a piece of furniture, in the same way as probably did before the architect or carpenter who built these elements of everyday life.
    Firman reveals a frequent human exercise: taking on the dimension of the world. Whether to see it or to build it, this exercise in measuring the world always remains on our scale, because beyond a certain threshold, it becomes difficult for us to build.
    To the generic title of the series “Variable dimensions” is added the measurement recorded by the person who installs it, giving the work a unique character.
    Edition of 25 + 2 AP issued with certificate of authenticity.

    Dimensions: 2 x 21 x 29.7 cm



    Daniel Firman is a plastic artist sculptor, he lives and works between France and the United States. He has used his period of confinement to express himself on a new series unpublished whose first attempts began in 2014.