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Référence : 44-1

500,00 incl.VATVAT on margin included according to article 297-A of the French General Tax Code

Painting by Beatrice Pontacq made in acrylic and white clay on canvas. The artist is inspired by recognizable natural elements to create abstract maps.

Length : 9.06 in / 23 cm

Height : 11.02 in / 28 cm

Width : 1.18 in / 3 cm

Weigth : 2.2 lb / 1 kg

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Categories: Works of Art, Paintings

Artist : Beatrice Pontacq

Mediums : Acrylic and white clay

Support: Canvas

Frame: Gilded wood

Inspiration: Continents, seas or skies… Beatrice Pontacq creates abstract cartography inspired by recognizable natural elements. These imaginary landscapes raise the question of here and elsewhere, near and far.

Guarantee: Signed and issued with a certificate of authenticity



Béatrice Pontacq is a painter in Bordeaux. “With Béatrice Pontacq, we are in the theory of the genesis of forms, in which the space of the work is far from playing the simple role of a container of recognizable figures (landscapes, horizon, clouds), in which the backgrounds tell less a story than they produce the place and time of a mystery. (…) In these “imaginary” landscapes in which the feeling of absence looms, the horizon effectively appears as a symbol of the distance and one beyond the visible, the edges of the painting are blurred, undefined, as for opening up the space beyond the scope of representation and placing the material in the intangible. ”

Corinne Szabo, professor of art history in preparatory classes for grandes écoles