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Référence : 90

1.200,00 incl.VATVAT on margin included according to article 297-A of the French General Tax Code

Art photography from the CONFINS series in which Eloi Ficat, French photographer and videographer, focuses on landscapes that give rise to images between dream and reality.

Length : 39.37 in / 100 cm

Height : 27.56 in / 70 cm

Width : 1.18 in / 3 cm

Weigth : 8.82 lb / 4 kg

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Categories : Photographs, Landscapes

Artist : Eloi Ficat

Print run : 8 signed and numbered copies

No.1/8: €1,200
No.2/8: €1,350
No.3/8: €1,500
No.4/8: €1,700
No.5/8: €1,900
No.6/8: €2,100
No.7/8: €2,300
No.8/8: €2,500

Support : Fine Art matte paper mounted on aluminum bonding

Dimensions : 70 x 100 cm

Frame : Artbox in natural oak without glass

Warranty: Sold with certificate of authenticity

Year : 2018



Éloi Ficat is a photographer and cinematographer in the audiovisual sector, he affirms his passion for the image through these two practices which he nourishes one from the other. In 2014, he created the abstract series Luminary, which will be selected at the Vincennes Image Festival. The Outrenoir and Éclat series followed, in which he explored the movement of water, thus creating unreal and pictorial images. It is then towards travel photography that Éloi Ficat directs her attraction for the play between real and unreal, while retaining the pictorial character which is the essence of her work. The simplicity of his compositions and his meticulous work with light offer us a sincere and aesthetic reality. He created Confins, a minimalist and dreamlike series evoking borders. Then Terres Perdues, where his sensitivity as an observer settles on a Maasai people of Tanzania and their territory of life.