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4.000,00 incl.VAT

Sculpture in shells imagined by Sophie Brillouet. The French artist imitates the elementary geometry found in nature and assembles undulating surfaces composed of thousands of white atys. These tiny shells then appear as fluid waves.

Length : 17.32 in / 44 cm

Height : 13.39 in / 34 cm

Width : 7.48 in / 19 cm

Weigth : 13.23 lb / 6 kg

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    Artist : Sophie Brillouet

    Technique : Sculpture

    Materials : Atys and cement, steel base

    The artist uses responsibly harvested shells in a process that requires hundreds of hours of labor.

    Edition : Unique piece made on request

    Authenticity: Sold with certificate of authenticity

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    Sophie Brillouet is an art craftsman specializing in the staging of natural, uncut and non-colored seashells. Humanity is deeply linked to seashells for their aesthetic, nurturing, symbolic and spiritual qualities. These natural treasures echo his childhood in Charente-Maritime, with the Atlantic Ocean and its creatures as subjects for contemplation. Sophie Brillouet made her debut in 2014, as artistic assistant to Blott Kerr-Wilson in France and the United States of America (Palm Beach / Florida). At the end of 2015, she chose to follow her own path, guided by her director’s eye, her inspirations born in travels and her artistic references: Surrealism, the Nabis movement and Pop art in particular. Humor and spirituality also feature prominently in her research.