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Zoomorphic side table in patinated zinc made in Yves Pagart’s workshops. The dog that kills its tail is an allegory of the Ouroboros.

Length : 28.35 in / 72 cm

Height : 19.69 in / 50 cm

Width : 25.2 in / 64 cm

Weigth : 33.07 lb / 15 kg

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Categories: Artist’s furniture, Side tables

Designer: Yves Pagart

Yves Pagart, sculptor, was inspired by the natural riches of the Lot valley, near Cahors.

Materials: Patinated zinc and polished brass

Inspiration: An allegory of the ouroboros, this sculpture represents the symbol of nature’s eternal cycle, of time that repeats itself endlessly, having no beginning or end. Thus, he is the beginning and the end and the hope of a permanent rebirth of the world.

Edition: Unique piece 1/1 (2023)