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Référence : 27

Golden concave mirror

Length : 46.46 in / 118 cm

Height : 46.46 in / 118 cm

Width : 7.09 in / 18 cm

Weigth : 33.07 lb / 15 kg

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    Double circular mirror with concave cut in golden iridescent glass. Convex transparent satellite mirror. Wall bracket in engraved and signed brass. NB. The iridescent finish is likely to show some minimal irregularities inherent in the workmanship and the artist’s manual work on the glass (not visible in the photos).

    Limited edition, unnumbered. Each piece is signed by the artist.

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    Christophe Gaignon

    Christophe Gaignon is a self-taught artist. His creation is guided by his imagination as well as by the sum of the knowledge he acquired during his life, in the artistic world from the best antique dealers and the greatest decorators. In constant reflection, the artist draws inspiration from nature and music to design his wonderful molded glass mirrors tinted in the mass. Each Christophe Gaignon mirror is unique. In the artist’s hands, the mirror loses its conventional form to become a celestial eye, a window on the invisible, to enliven the space with its perpetually moving reflections.