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960,00 incl.VATVAT on margin included according to article 297-A of the French General Tax Code

Large red ceramic dish by Béatriz Garrigo, enamelled white and blue and decorated with leaves, flowers and birds. Unique piece, signed.

Length : 18.11 in / 46 cm

Height : 1.18 in / 3 cm

Width : 18.11 in / 46 cm

Weigth : 6.61 lb / 3 kg

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Category : Decorative objects, Tableware

Artist : Béatriz Garrigo

Materials: Red glazed ceramic white, blue and black

Manufacture: The ceramics of Béatriz Garrigo are entirely handmade. Every work begins with the preparation of the clay from La Bisbal, characterized by its finesse and red color, and continues with the turning, drying, decoration of the room and ends with firing in a process each time redesigned so that each piece is unique.

Inspiration: Béatriz Garrigo creates unique pieces where the influences of the Mediterranean basin and South America mingle.

Edition: Unique piece

Authenticity: Artist’s signature and certificate of authenticity



Beatriz Garrigo is a visual artist and ceramist born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1958. She lives and works in the Pyrénées Orientales (France). Inspired by the nature that surrounds her everyday in her Perthus mountains, Béatriz Garrigo explores simple but deliciously refined themes, enriched by the multiple references drawn from her travels worldwide.