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Référence : 140

Fine Art photography

Length : 29.92 in / 76 cm

Height : 44.88 in / 114 cm

Width : 1.57 in / 4 cm

Weigth : 11.02 lb / 5 kg

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    SPACE IPSUM, Photo series by Laurent Laporte. Fine Art photography in 114 x 76 cm on FUJI Crystal Archive Glossy Paper mounted on Aluminum collage. 2017. Frame made with lead sheet by Ateliers David Gallardo Paris XI accompanied by anti-reflective glass. Edition of 8 prints, signed and numbered

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    Laurent Laporte

    Laurent Laporte is a French photographer who lives and works in Paris. It was during a sailing trip between Italy and Spain that he realized the possible parallels between the reflections of light on the water and the constellations of stars. Through the bewitching aesthetic of the conquest of space, a fantasy of humanity, Laurent Laporte explores here one of the essential themes of photography, that of truth and lies. What is the most important? The exact representation or the one we have always imagined? The stars, if we can admire them every night, remain for the most part an unknown territory. In his artificial astronomical photos, the photographer exploits this notion of the unknown which leaves the spectator free to be able to project himself more easily where he wishes. An attempt perhaps to awaken our childish souls, at a time when imagination always took precedence over truth. Laurent Laporte regularly collaborates with major fashion and lifestyle magazines, he is also the creator of Where is The Cool magazine and of the content creation studio, Where is The Cool Content Bureau, dedicated to bold brands.