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Seat sculpture in solid bronze published. 8+4 numbered edition. Clotilde Ancarani is inspired by plant motifs that become functional and poetic sculptures under her hand.

Length : 20.47 in / 52 cm

Height : 28.74 in / 73 cm

Width : 21.26 in / 54 cm

Weigth : 77.16 lb / 35 kg

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Categories: Artist’s furniture, Stool

Artist : Clotilde Ancarani

Materials: Solid bronze golden patina, round base

Rhubarb base on request

Sparkling or polished bronze patina (like an old Russian leather) on request

Inspiration: Clotilde Ancarani is inspired by fragile plants to create functional and unalterable solid bronze stools

Edition: 8 +4 pieces edition signed and issued with their certificate of authenticity

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Clotilde Ancarani is a visual artist and sculptor, born in Chicago to an Italian father and a Belgian mother. Clotilde Ancarani has been creating paintings and sculptures for over twenty years. She likes to play with contrasts, keeping the apparent fragility of the shapes but treating them in raw materials. Clotilde Ancarani’s themes are constantly evolving, passing from one to another, all lightly and without ever forgetting the notion of femininity. Fragile, light and diaphanous plants become unalterable bronze furniture, revealing through the artist’s hand all the ambivalence of his subject. Personal exhibitions (selection)