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Catherine Bonte Navarrot

Catherine Bonte Navarrot has been practicing ceramics for over 20 years as an autodidact and masters a number of techniques. It only works with high temperature clays such as porcelain and stoneware. Her sources of inspiration are as much Japanese ceramics as the art and culture of the first civilizations.

Her meeting with Shozo Michikawa, Japanese master ceramist and his taste for contemporary art are at the origin of the Magma collection, pieces made in black sandstone partly sculpted and turned. The enamel that envelops them is reminiscent of the Raku Yaki firing that she sometimes practices on porcelain objects.

The collection of Elamite Vases is inspired by the first engraved tablets from neighboring regions of Mesopotamia: working with clay allows it to go back in time and rediscover ancestral gestures. Catherine Bonte Navarrot’s work is a bridge between East and West, Past and Present.