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Daniela Busarello

Daniela Busarello defines art as a force for change in oneself, others and the environment. 

Brazilian by birth, Parisian by adoption, Italian intermittently, she evolves in a cosmopolitan environment which gives her art both light and nature, vitality, reflection, precision and delicacy. Coming from a line of architects, she studied in Paris at the Louvre School and at the Beaux-Arts.
An artist concerned with restoring harmony between culture and ecosystem, she explores nature by bringing to it the point of view of a peaceful, unifying, syncretic feminine, carried by a cyclical vision of time. Her language confronts the infinitely large and small so that they respond to each other with sensuality.

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Faithful to the Latin concept of genius loci [the spirit of the place], Daniela Busarello explores different territories, places where the collection of “witness materials”, present in her work, is carried out. The subtle expression of nature in its osmosis with human.
Her first solo show, VIDA, a true manifesto in favor of the environment, was held in September 2020 in the Galerie Mouvements Modernes. In collaboration with Ich & Kar, she publishes an artist’s book: VIDA in a limited edition of 100 copies.
The same year, she exhibited in Los Angeles, at the Sage Culture Gallery. She is also one of the 100 architects and designers who make the French Touch at the VIA International.
In early 2021, the Mobilier National included in its collection two works by the artist, pieces one and two from the Anima Mundi series.