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 Aude WAGNER and Lise GARRIG

Aude Wagner & Lise Garrig

Aude WAGNER and Lise GARRIG are two multidisciplinary artists who express their sensitivity through textile art by composing with elements from nature or gleaned during their travels. These two self-taught artists fell in love with each other when they met more than 10 years ago. They then began to share their respective passions. And it was following numerous discussions about their personal obsessions and frustrations that their new medium of expression took shape: the WAGA. It is therefore with four hands that they create their textile works of art. They chose bamboo as their primary material, for its qualities of strength as well as resilience. “The WAGA is the perfect support for us: its verticality expresses life. He looks up. It highlights women, tutelary figures, as well as places or elements of nature. » The two artists in fact designed the WAGA sculptures, with their obvious femininity, as a vector allowing them to celebrate the women they admire. These sculptures are also made up of elements from the living world allowing artists to honor nature. They also integrated materials from the ends of the world, brought back from their travels in order to highlight places that are emblematic for them. Each WAGA has its own identity and immerses us in a universe where textures, colors and shapes mingle to create a unique visual and tactile experience. He invites us to stop, to contemplate him and let ourselves be transported…