"The purpose of Art is to embody the secret essence of things, not copying their appearance" Aristotle  From this famous maxim, Antoine Vignault has developed his own history, refreshing the traditional ways of established systems. OΔK is a creative concept of Nomad Art gallery & Studio, curated by an artist to promote a whole universe of contemporary one-of-a-kind artworks mixing sculptures, furniture, photography and objects. The creation of his online gallery in 2016 was an opportunity to invite other talented artists whose universes revolve around the OΔK concept with a language whose relevance is matched only by their creativity. The stars and legends they have been conveying in our imagination for millennia are the common basis for the selection of this gallery. And as often the secret symbolism and sacred geometry are associated with this approach, the resulting alchemy makes us feel the essence of magic.
The artists selected by Antoine Vignault for his gallery propose their work in the manner of a creative social network around OΔK Studio and the gallery fee is a support of mutual promotion. Most of the price for the pieces is diverted to each artist for his production.

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