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“Painter, sculptor, draftsman and photographer in love with nature who nourished him since his childhood, Dainche shares through his art the sensitive language of the universe, and particularly of the plant and animal world. A poetic language, sometimes cosmic, sometimes frightening , sometimes comical … His uncluttered works in natural tones are nourished by an inner feeling, like an invitation to approach the natural in a personal and intuitive way, by exploring the sacred link that binds us to nature. his knowledge of plants is particularly evident in his figurative exploration of the humanized tree, rooted or elusive, fragile or robust, naked or flourishing. Dainche brings us back to our primitive state, that of Man in communion with nature. At Dainche, a few rare human faces have their eyes closed: they are nothing but stardust in a universe that goes beyond us and instructs us in silence. Dainche currently resides in Lyon, where he exhibits regularly, as well as at the OAK gallery in Toulouse. ”
Elsa Libaux

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Personal exhibitions (selection) :

2020 Parenthèse enchantées, OAK Galerie, Toulouse, France
2019 Inside Gallery, Claude Cartier, Lyon, France Biennale art contemporain, Salle des Rancy, Lyon, France
2018 Café Tulipe, Avignon, France
2017 La Table, Maison Hand, Lyon, France
2016 Le Télécabine, Lyon, France Outdoor, Dainche / Graffmatt, Chambéry, France