William Guillon

William Guillon is a french designer based in Bordeaux. His main influences are strong artistic movements, often dark and filled with modern melancholy. Obsessed with a futuristic dystopic vision, the issues he adresses are always loaded with his attraction for a strong imagery. Beyond his influences, he has always been driven by his love for noble materials, raw materials to work on and embellish without altering them. Always valuing handicraft work, his objects are designed as high quality products, without ever compromising the aesthetics for the easy option. After a Master’s degree in Art Direction at ECV Bordeaux, William Guillon has set up his studio with, as a basis, a reflexion around black and darkness. His interest for luminous objects was indeed born of a desire to carve this darkness with light as if it were a pure and precious material. His collections has been featured in galleries ( Tools gallery Paris 7ème) as well as in the design website Kolkhoze and at Le Bon Marché for its 17/18 winter selection. William Guillon’s objects, handmade in France, are all available in various finishes and materials.

Photo by Judith Goyaud Schiltz