Sophie Brillouet

Sophie Brillouet works with natural, uncut and uncolored seashells in her dreamlike and refined creations.

Humanity is deeply linked to seashells for their aesthetic, nurturing, symbolic and spiritual qualities. These natural treasures echo his childhood in Charente-Maritime, with the Atlantic Ocean and its creatures for subjects of contemplation.

Sophie Brillouet made her debut in 2014, as an artistic assistant to Blott Kerr-Wilson in France and the United States of America (Palm Beach / Florida).
At the end of 2015, she chose to follow her own path, guided by her director’s eye, her inspirations born in travel and her artistic references: Surrealism, Nabis movement and Pop art in particular. Humor and spirituality also figure prominently in research.

– Villa Belleville – Paris,
– Bernard Magrez Foundation – Bordeaux
– the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin – Paris
– Chabram2 – Bellevigne (ASTRE network)
In June 2020, Sophie will participate in the biennial AD Matières d’art – Palais d’Iena, Paris 16th, at the invitation of AD Magazine.

The shells used are gleaned or reared on the French coast or abroad. Suppliers of exotic species ensure that families working for Sophie are adequately compensated. Using low-emission mineral glues and mostly wooden supports, it is in practice at the heart of its ecological concerns and in a certain form of circular economy.