Laura Portarrieu

Laura Portarrieu is a designer based in Bordeaux.
After several successful experiences in India, Mumbai and New Delhi, Laura exhibited for the first time at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2018 a light structure made in Murano. The work of light is his favorite medium thanks to a narrative capacity and its interaction with the object and the space which surrounds it.
She won the competition of the famous European magazine Étapes which devotes a double page to a collection of lighting in straw marquetry and opens her own design studio in 2019.
Each project is designed as a sculpture in its own right. His creations go beyond the purely functional object. It is seen as a presence that has the power to interact in the fabric of relationships. Her projects are based on an awareness of function and materials, combined with a poetic and emotional dimension. Each product is the result of a collaborative exchange and manufactured by master craftsmen, finished and assembled by hand, one piece at a time with great attention to detail. The individual approach to each detail guarantees the highest quality of each piece created in a non-industrial way with refined materials. His work explores the texture of things and questions our attitude towards them. Her creations are characterized by a penchant for narration and the exploration of directions such as cinema, art, anthropology … By following this path, Laura challenges our imagination and our curiosity through the notions of appearance and disappearance, presence and absence which gives his creations a way of being, of revealing themselves and of taking pl