“Dainche came to drawing through work. As a landscape architect, drawing gardens is part of his job. Gradually, his sensitivity to stories told by living forms pushes him to approach drawing in a more personal, intuitive and artistic way.

Faithful to the Vegetal that has nourished him since childhood, he chooses as an artist’s name the name of his great grandfather, who died of lightning strikes, under a tree. A tribute to the “lightning” truth of the trees, and to the impenetrable bond which links man to nature. This is the common thread of Dainche’s work: crossed by men, women, faces, and trees which assert themselves, as charged with humanity: sometimes rooted, sometimes fleeting, fragile or robust, naked or flourishing.

“The trees fascinate me with their silence, their grace, their patience, their strength and their elegance.” DAINCHE

After drawing, Dainche gradually came to sculpture. Abstract sculptures in mirrors, vertical and proudly carved towards the sky, like its trees … As if the artist sought to connect two worlds, to make them meet: man is always in front of nature, nature is his reflection.

At Dainche, nothing is premeditated, everything is intuitive. It is not so much the result that counts, nor the answer, but rather the intention of letting a starting emotion move towards the other.

Dainche’s art, in its purest form, is a way of letting the work speak. Everyone is free to imagine the story … ”

Elsa Libaux