Beatrice Pontacq

In Béatrice Pontacq last plastic experimentations, the clouds occupy the surface of the support and the spectator is then confronted with an interior / exterior space from which he perceives the figurative pattern in all its visual manifestations. In a tireless work of exploration of the material that migrates from one medium to another (painting, drawing, lithography and photography), the artist, aware of the doubt that hangs over our ability to apprehend art and nature, we mean the fragility of perception.

« Beatrice Pontacq’s aesthetic would thus be an aesthetic of the confines aiming interminably at its object, its term: the subtle image. In this sense, art would have the function of reproducing the apparition ex nihilo, that is to say a representation conceived from a hole, a nothing, a thing as being lost forever.  »

Corinne Szabo
Professor of art history in preparatory classes at the Grandes Ecoles.